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Get your 2019 CCCC Wall Calendar today!

I have just picked up the 2019 Cooks Creek Calendars and they are beautiful! Congrats to the winners chosen and everyone for submitting their stunning pictures of their beautiful Cooks Creek!
$15 each, all proceeds go towards the Building Expansion Project. Big shout out to Laura Kusyk for putting the wheels in motion for this fundraiser!
Can’t wait for you to see it!!!! Message me to get yours!

Friends of Cooks Creek Volunteer List

“Great things are brought about, and burdens are lightened, through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause” Elder M. Russel Ballard

The community center has some pretty BIG and EXCITING events planned for this summer and fall. In anticipation of this, we are putting together a group of individuals who would potentially like to volunteer to help out for these different events. We understand that everyone doesn’t have their summer/fall travel schedules planned out and that you don’t know if you can commit to anything this far ahead, that’s ok! Just personal message your name, number and any special skill or interest that you like, you can just let us know if it works for you at the time. Its that easy.
If you’ve always been thinking about lending a hand here and there, this is your chance! You won’t be pressured into anything, we are just trying to develop a like minded group who are interested in helping out at the community centre, right in the center of your own community!

Get on our email list!

Are you on our email list? If you aren’t already a part of our Community Center email list, you should be! Be the first to know any Soccer registration dates, sports updates, social events or any of the great things happening in our beautiful Cooks Creek!
Email me and I’ll add you! ashtcookscreek@hotmail.comindex index
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