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Growing Mushrooms at Home
& Making Maple Syrup for Fun or Profit
Date: April 7th, 2019 
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm 
Where: Cooks Creek Community Centre
What: This two-for-one class with the first session devoted to tapping Manitoba maple syrup, and the second focused on growing your own shiitake mushrooms! Your instructor Ken Fosty is very well known for his insights on both of these topics.
Cost: $45 includes both topics!
Who: All ages welcome
Payment: Workshop fee will be collected before the course, cash/cheque/etransfer
For any questions contact:
Ashley T 204-471-6977

Maple syrup component: The sap is flowing! Do you have a maple or birch tree on your property? Learn how to make your own syrup from local Manitoba maple and birch trees. Hands-on demonstration will include tree identification and selection, tapping the tree, boiling off the sap, bottling, storing the syrup and how-to instructions. Enjoy making your own sweet treat. Taps @ 2.50 each will be available for sale following the hands-on presentation.

Mushroom component: Learn to grow specialty mushrooms in your backyard. Do you have access to oak branches? Learn how to โ€˜plantโ€™ the mushroom spawn and grow your own Shiitake mushrooms on oak logs. Hands-on demonstration will show how to inoculate the logs with mushroom spawn. A biological process youโ€™ll love. Growing your own mushrooms backyard style. Mushroom Grow Kits @ $55.95 will be available for sale following the hands-on presentation.

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